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We offer a selection of finished, high-quality products.
All our products follow current or future seasonal forecasts and we inform our buyers with the fashion updates.
The work of research and design is already carried out and pre-arranged to offer the most adapted product to the market.

We help you know “ what’s next?”


From sourcing products to organizing shipment to your country, we help you manage everything in Vietnam.
Considering the price range and your specifications, we find the best products at the most acceptable price and the best quality achievable.
With our situation close to many factories, we are able to do daily quality controls through all the stages of the production.
We supervise the production from the beginning until the shipment is done.

We are your eyes and your partner in Vietnam


Do you have a project ?
We offer our services based on your general feelings and needs.
We follow your design trends forecasting. We imagine and create products with you and for you.
From the design to the product development and the final shipment, we organize everything.

We help you to create a personal global atmosphere

What we do


The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is often in details.
In Asia, and especially in Vietnam, standards are different and the quality of the products may vary unless there is a strict control of the factories.
We guarantee a high level of quality that meets Occidental requirements at the best prices.
We guarantee a price without hidden fees.
We work with natural products and we respect worker’s rights and nature.

We provide an order tracking service so that deliveries are on time.
We work closely with suppliers’ production management and customer service team to ensure everything is under control and on schedule.
Thanks to our geographical situation close to many factories, we will manage the whole supply chain to their economic benefit so you can focus on growing your business.

Quality Control is the process in which the manufactured goods are tested in order to ensure that the goods meet all requirements per the specifications and associated standards.
We take a close look to the products before, during and after the production, prior to shipment.
We have a wide range of experience in warehousing, shipping and logistics. With our services you won’t have to worry about restrictions due to local government controls or customs.
We help you ensure that the imported products meet the compliance standards and regulations of your market.